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Our Accomplishments

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Continue to Protect and Enhance Faculty Jobs and Benefits

Our team has a proven track record of protecting faculty jobs and benefits.  We have fought and won the best contract in union history.

  • 10.22% wage increase successfully negotiated effective July 2023.   

  • Negotiated contract with a historic ratification approval rate of 98%

  • Historic win for Adjunct Healthcare - All faculty who teach a .33 FTE or above will have access to the same benefits as full-time faculty

  • No increase to healthcare costs despite double-digit increase in healthcare costs for the district

  • Added three new paid holidays

  • Lowered class size to 40 

  • Removed requirement that professional time be performed on campus

  • True Adjunct Faculty members on a seniority list are eligible for assignment as Consulting Instructor or Instructor Special Assignment (ISA)

  • Won pay for ancillary services for adjunct faculty 

  • Increased annual funding from $300,000 - $350,000 per year

  • Increased from $2,000 to $3,000 the amount a faculty member can receive per academic year for conferences, seminars or workshops

  • Faculty can be reimbursed 100% (up from 50%) for tuition paid up to $3,00 per academic year

  • Increased from 3 to 5 days of paid bereavement leave

  • Created a new right for True Adjunct Faculty to donate illness leave to a catastrophic leave bank for use by other True Adjunct Faculty

  • Created a new right for two spouses who both work for the District to each take a 12-week leave for birth, adoption or caring for a sick parent

  • Faculty teaching in a language other than English, for courses for which this is not a required minimum qualification ($134 per calendar month)

  • Dual Enrollment Instruction will receive an additional $134 per month

  • Assembled a diverse team including counselors, adjunct faculty, non-credited faculty, and librarians during the contract negotiations."

Citrus Fruits

Membership Growth and Organizing

  • 229 new members signed in 2023.  Awarded AFT’s “Pride of the Union Award” for membership growth 

  • Two-time recipient of CFT’s largest increase in membership, winning CFT’s organizing awards for largest membership growth, the largest percentage of new members, and the internal organizing award Engaged and informed our membership with the weekly “Wednesday Wins” and the “State of Our Union Events”

  • Engaged and activated membership through organizing during CBA negotiations

  • More than 400 jobs were saved by stopping class cuts at LATTC 

  • $6.5 million saved for our members through the student forgiveness loan program

  • Executed successful Organizing Institute, conducting trainings with the California Federation of Teachers to activate our members

  • Provided support and education to our members on retirement and health benefits issues


Statewide Leadership

  • James McKeever

    • Executive Vice President of California Federation of Teachers

    • Appointed to the California Governor’s Council for Career Education

  • Bill Elarton-Selig

    • Recognized as an expert and leader on negotiations, benefits, and healthcare

  • Jenny Galvez

    • Executive Director of the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute - one of the leading educational labor centers in the city and state

    • Trainer: State fellows in Sacramento through the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute, UndocuAlly and building support for undocumented students 

  • Sharon Hendricks

    • Currently serving as the sole community college representative on the CalSTRS board, advocating for retirement security for our faculty and overseeing $320 Billion of California educators’ money.

Organizational Operations

  • Modernized and upgraded our union’s website

  • Filled gaps in our organizational infrastructure by increasing our professional staff to run a more smoothly functioning union 

  • Hired  an executive director

  • Hired new law firm to address existing liabilities and minimize future ones

  • Established a robust accounting department to make our union's bookkeeping more accurate and transparent

  • Increased financial transparency in our union by hiring a new independent auditing firm

  • Secured external union financial resources in the form of grants 

  • Implemented best practices such as staff meetings, calendars, planning retreats, and check-in

  • Passed new policies to protect and ensure the respect and security of our union and its members

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