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Press the picture to see written endorsements 

Michelle Benjamin AFT 1521 Chapter President of East Los Angeles College

Joseph Guerrieri, Aft1521 Guild Chapter President of LA Trade Tech

Phyllis Eckler, Adjunct Associate Professor in the Kinesiology Dept.

Los Angeles City College

Shigueru Julio Tsuha, Pierce College Executive Board Member 

Nancy Ramirez - Professional Development Coordinator

Natalina Monteiro - Political Director Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, Faculty Association of California Community College Governor for Region B

Jose Luis Fernandez - Pierce College Chair of the Business Administration Department

Zack Knorr, Executive Board Member 

Ruby Christian-Brougham - Chapter President Los Valley College, Faculty Association of Cal Community College Governor at Large

Yeprem P. Davoodian Chair- Communication Studies and Teacher Education Director - Honors Transfer Program Vice-President - Honors Transfer Council of California 

Fernando Oleas - Former Pierce College Chapter President 

John McDowell – Current Government Relations Director, Represent Guild to LA County Labor Federation, Former Treasurer, Political Director, TT Chapter Prez, Member of District Budget Committee, Co-Chair, FACCC Council of Governors, President Calif Student Aid Commissioner


Mona Dallas Reddick


Sally Raskoff


Charles "Buck" Stapleton


Jonathan Klyng


Nora Zepeda

David Shamus


Kaycea Campbell


Eileen Ie


Patricia Combes-Brighton


Dale Fields

Mia Wood

Elizabeth Strother

Jeff Favre

Elizabeth Benne

Brian Moe

Elizabeth Cheung

Cara Gillis

Fahme El Amin

Monika Ramirez Wee

Kalynda McLean

Jake Wilson

Maria Perser

Lila Snow

Michael Williams

Shilo Nelson

Lisa Valdez

Chris Corning

Darren Borg

Denise Robb

Melissa Gulick

Yanira Fuentes

Kelly Velasquez 

and many more, join the movement

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