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A. James McKeever for Faculty Guild President

I am running for president of AFT 1521 because I want to finish what we started! This is a movement for change, and during my brief tenure, we have made many changes, strengthening our guild and making it more accessible and responsive to our members. Under my direction, we have increased communication and hired professional staff to ensure uniform policies, greater transparency, continuity of service, and a team responsive to members' needs.  

We have tapped into the strength and intelligence of our diverse faculty; I ensured that our contract negotiations team consisted of adjuncts, full-timers, chairs, non-classroom, and career technical education faculty (CTE). We also used our Campus Action Teams to get members to Board of Trustees meetings and our negotiation watch parties. Months before negotiations, I developed and employed a strategy of meeting with trustee members to build the framework of our arguments. All these things combined won us the best contract in the history of our union.  


I have also increased our visibility on the state level to fight back against draconian budget cuts and class-killing legislation like AB 1705 and AB 928. Under my leadership, we will be proactive locally and in Sacramento by reinvigorating our lobby efforts and leading activities like the March in March. By working together, we can be a force for education. Reelect my team for a vision for the future of community colleges. Thank you for your time and vote. Below are some of our accomplishments:  


  • 10.22% raise with COLA plus 1% for the next two years

  • Historic Adjunct Healthcare victory with the best agreement in the state

  • Shut down an attempt to cut over 400 classes in a single weekend

  • Fighting for you on the state level as an elected California Federation of Teachers Vice President and appointed to the Governor's Council for Career Education

  • Hired new auditors, one of the top labor law firms in the state to represent our members, an executive director, organizing director, organizer, and a new accountant to ensure the health of our organization and create uniform policies 


William Elarton-Selig for Faculty Guild Vice President

As your Executive Vice-President and Chief Negotiator, I fought for you during recent contract negotiations winning major contract improvements and protections. 
I led the team in winning the first double-digit pay raise in decades – 10.22%. We also won the largest improvement in health care for our eligible Adjunct faculty. For the first time ever, Adjunct Faculty Members and their families have 100% Medical Coverage while maintaining eligibility at 1/3 (0.33) an FTE.

I am active on the CFT Part-time Statewide Task Force, making the needed legal changes so pay and benefits parity can be obtained for our adjunct’s faculty.
I fought for our Full-time faculty and achieved continuations of the $1,500 HRA. 

I am an advocate for the rights of minority groups and represented the Guild as a member of the Board of Trustees LGBTQAI+ advisory. 

I have developed policies and procedures to restore the Guild’s decision-making power to the elected e-board; a right given to them in our bylaws, not small hand-picked groups.
I vow to continue my efforts to improve our wages and working conditions.

Guild members have my utmost respect, and it would be my honor to continue to serve you as AFT 1521’s Executive Vice President.

  • Led the team in winning the first double-digit pay raise in decades 10.22%

  • I am active on the CFT Part-time Statewide Task Force

  • I fought for our Full-time faculty and achieved continuations of the $1,500 HRA

  • I represented the Guild as a member of the Board of Trustees LGBTQAI+ advisory

  • I developed procedures to restore the Guild’s decision-making power to the e-board


Jenny Galvez for Faculty Guild Secretary 


I am again running for Recording Secretary of the LA College Faculty Guild to continue our team's work. Our efforts have led to increased new members and member engagement; and documentation of our guild's policies and procedures to protect accountability and transparency.


A significant role I play as the guild secretary is to help build a structure that supports guild staff to meet our organizational needs— integral to the survival and growth of our guild. In the past year, we transitioned the staff to Google Workplace, allowing us to work online as a team, centralize our data and files, and build calendars. We implemented best practices such as staff meetings, working retreats, and creating a master calendar. As a trained facilitator, I helped facilitate discussions around year-long calendar planning, organizational goals, and staffing.

My favorite part of unions continues to be organizing. I have over two decades of experience organizing around immigration issues, union contracts, and students. We brought the California Federation of Teachers’ Organizing Institute to build up members organizing knowledge and skills. We ensured that the Bargaining and Contract Action Team worked together and galvanized our power at the bargaining table. These efforts have increased communication and organizing.

  • Communication – worked with staff to build our new website, including collecting necessary content information and working with the media company. 

  • Record Keeping – Ensured the Executive Committee submitted monthly reports to the Executive Board and ensured Eboard minutes followed Sturgis's Parliamentary Process. 

  • Training & Organizing – The training and organizing efforts lead to an increase in members and member engagement.

Sharon Hendricks for Faculty Guild Treasurer 

It’s an honor to ask you to elect me Treasurer of our Guild for the 2024-26 term. 


Just a few years into teaching, I had leaders from our union reach out to me and ask if I’d be willing to learn about financial and retirement issues. 


Since that first “yes” over the past 15 years, I have served in various leadership roles in our union. 

  • Chapter President at LA City College – 6 years 

  • Retirement Liaison, Guild – 12 years 

  • Treasurer, Guild – 4 years 

  • CalSTRS (our pension plan) Board member and fiduciary for 12 years and counting. 

You may be wondering why I am running once again for the office of Treasurer.  I am encouraged by leadership from our new Guild president and team - ensuring our union moves forward in strength and influence to the benefit of all our members.   

As Treasurer I will: 

  • Deepen the Guild’s staffing and expertise on managing financial matters 

  • Communicate transparently about the current and future state of our Guild finances 

  • Provide accountability to our membership on how Guild dues are spent 

I’m excited to partner with the Guild’s officers, staff and members to steward our resources well. 

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