Introducing the future treasurer of our union, Xiao Behlendorf

I'm excited to announce the newest member to our team, Xiao Behlendorf. Xiao is stepping up and running for treasurer of the AFT 1521 Faculty Guild. Her leadership as part of the Work Environment Committee, AFT 1521 Contract Action Team, and the author of the District WEC’s “Requiring Covid-19 Vaccination Starting in Fall 2021 Resolution" has shown her commitment to faculty and the union. Her position as a Librarian at LAVC has made her a voice for all faculty including non-classroom faculty. Her bookkeeping background makes her more than qualified for this position. She is committed to faculty, campus, and community. To learn more about Xiao, please read her statement below.

Why am I running for AFT Treasurer?

The Covid-19 pandemic made me realize how lucky I am to enjoy a union’s protection. My work with the campus and District WEC (Work Environment Committee) as well as being a member of the AFT 1521 Contract Action Team has made me aware of how much more we still need to do as a union to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our members. I feel now it is my duty to step up to help build a stronger union. I will be an active and effective advocate for all faculty, especially non-classroom faculty, who have not had adequate representation in our union’s leadership. We are one union and all of our interests should be represented.

Prior to becoming a librarian, I contemplated being an accountant. I took accounting classes and attended workshops, all of which made me a better bookkeeper for my family’ legal and music businesses over the years. I believe that this experience will serve me well as your Treasurer. If elected, I will ensure your union dues are well managed and you are well informed about the budget.

Xiao’s brief biography

Xiao Behlendorf has been a Librarian for over 20 years at Los Angeles Valley College including 3 years as the Library department chair. Xiao became Valley’s WEC (Work Environment Committee) chair in 2019, and has been working closely with our AFT 1521 Union chapter president to advocate on behalf of faculty in work environment matters. Most recently Xiao drafted the District WEC’s “Requiring Covid-19 Vaccination Starting in Fall 2021 Resolution” which was overwhelmingly approved by the Union’s Executive Board. This resolution started a chain reaction that ultimately led to the Board of Trustee’s policy on the Covid-19 vaccine mandate (BP2900).

Prior to Valley College, Xiao worked as a librarian at Loyola University New Orleans, Ball State University, the University of Southern California and Woodbury University.

Why I want to join James’ team?

James is a strong leader with a great vision for our union’s future. We need a leader who will fight for better wages, full time and adjunct health care, and safe and healthy working conditions not just for our faculty, but for our students as well. James personal journey to overcome adversity, his tenacity, and his courage is inspiring. I hope to earn the opportunity to represent our union and be a part of James' leadership team.

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