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Pierce Protest Against Budget Cuts

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Among the crowd of advocates was Sociology Professor James McKeever who encouraged students and thanked them for their participation.

“They are cutting away at your future and you have to stop it now. You are the change,” said McKeever. After the march, McKeever participated in a debate titled, “Education: How to Fix It," against Economics Professor Pam Brown.

Staff members also joined in speeches during the protest as they explained the cuts will affect them as well because once courses are cut they will be too.

“This is a big day. You worked hard to be here and they want to take your education away from you,” said Assistant Professor of French Sylvie Young.

Many students walked past the march toward their classrooms. “I have a Math test to study for,” said Sophomore Lilit Ter-Astvatsatryan to Canyon News.

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