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Stronger Together

We will continue to strengthen our union to ensure our students' futures and protect our members' jobs and benefits.  This is why we have come together; we have the experience and results that demonstrate this is the right team at the right time.  We are stronger together and we're building a more inclusive and powerful union. 


Our Vision

Continue to Protect and Enhance Faculty Jobs and Benefits


Our team has a proven track record of protecting faculty jobs and benefits.  We have fought and won the best contract in union history.

  • 10.22% raise

  • Historic win for adjunct healthcare

  • Improved our work environment

  • Added three new paid holidays

  • Reduced class size

  • Removed the requirement that professional time be performed on campus

  • Elected Adjunct Faculty Representatives shall be paid for their service

  • True adjunct faculty members on a seniority list are now, eligible for assignment as Consulting Instructor or Instructor Special Assignment (ISA)

  • Increased funding for professional development

  • Increased our rights under evaluation

  • Negotiated our current health benefits agreement at no additional cost to our faculty, and much more. 


Also, in a single weekend, we were able to mobilize and organize to shut down an effort to cut 40% of the classes at LA Trade Tech, saving over 400 jobs.  


Continue Building a More Informed and Empowered Membership 

  • We have worked hard to keep our members informed with our Wednesday Wins, State of Our Union Townhalls, Vice President Reports, Retirement Updates, our annual Benefits Conference, and creating a new modern and responsive website.  

  • We have grown our membership, winning awards from CFT and National AFT for membership growth.  

  • We have worked hard to include our members through our support and expansion of our Campus Action Teams (CAT) that get our members involved and organized on the ground level.  

  • We have worked hard to support and protect the independence of the Adjuncts Faculty Action Committee (AFAC).  

  • Our contract negotiations team was expanded to include non-classroom, adjuncts, and non-credit faculty.  We also ensured we had open bargaining to involve and inform our members during the process.  

  • We have included our adjunct faculty in key union positions such as Retirement Liasson, Political Director, and Government Relations.  

We will create new and accessible tutorial videos on everything from reading your paycheck, retirement, and health benefits to knowing your rights under the contract.  We also want to meet the members where they are at by finding out what your interests are and how the union can support their efforts and interests. We want to engage our entire union family.

Continue Growing Our Roles in Local and Statewide Leadership

This team has the statewide leadership needed to guide our union through these unprecedented times.  

  • James McKeever has developed relationships with key local and state politicians, is a vice-president of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), and has been appointed to the Governor’s Career Education Committee.  

  • William Elerton-Selig is our chief negotiator, the chair of the district’s Joint Labor-Management Benefits Committee, and is known statewide as an advocate and expert on faculty benefits.  

  • Sharon Hendricks is the statewide leader in faculty retirement benefits as the Chair of the CalsTers Benefits and Services Committee, Vice Chair of the Appeals Committee, Vice of the Chair Board Governance Committee, and on the Investment Committee.  

  • Jenny Galvez is the co-director of the Dolores Huerta Labor Center and is recognized as a statewide leader in labor and the immigrant rights movement, conducting training for the State Capitol Fellows on contract negotiations and UndocuAlly training for high schools and colleges throughout the state. 



This is the team you want leading the guild through the enrollment crisis, the end of hold harmless, and during a state budget deficit.   

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